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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thoughts From A Nerd...

Am I the only one who still appreciates the good old-fashioned smell and feel of a new book? Technology is a wonderful thing and I know a lot of us couldn't live without many of the conveniences that it offers. But when did it become necessary to replace almost EVERYTHING with an electronic device. I am specifically speaking of the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. I'm sure most people are at least somewhat familiar with what they are, but just in case...they're eBooks. You buy the device and then you can buy downloadable books to read on them. At first thought, it sounds pretty nifty. I do think it would be interesting to play around with one some time. But I really hope this is not eventually going to replace your everyday run of the mill paperback or hardcover. Reading is more than just about the words on the pages. Its the feel of the book in your hands, your fingers turning the pages, smelling that new book smell, or hearing the sound that a library book makes when you open it (I'm referring to those hardback books that have a clear plastic cover to protect them from wear). To a lot of people this probably sounds a litte ridiculous or at least over-dramatic. But I'm sure there have to be some book-lovers out there who know exactly what I mean.

Hopefully eBooks won't replace real books in the same way that email replaced a heartfelt handwritten letter. I miss the way we used to write letters. Don't get me wrong, I like email as much as the next guy, and its definitely faster and more convenient. But I think its a shame that future generations won't have old handwritten love letters that their grandparents sent to each other, a quick note to Aunt Jane telling of a birth, wedding, or just everyday life, or even a postcard relating Uncle Bob's adventures. I have always thought its neat to read things like that, especially the ones from interesting times in history, like letters to and from a soldier in World War 2, or even as far back as the Civil War. There are even some letters from prominent people that have become semi-famous or well-known, like John and Abigail Adams or Ronald Reagan (both of whose letters were turned into books) and many more. I hate to think that we're leaving nothing behind. What will they have to relate to us? (Very few people even keep journals anymore.) How will they know we were even here!? I know that once again I might be a little dramatic and I may even be over-simplifying, but sometimes these are the things that just enter my mind. But also, its not just about the words on the paper. Its about the feeling of putting pen to paper, and even the excitement of getting something in the mail besides junk and bills! When someone sits down to write a letter or even a quick note on a postcard, they're taking the time to put their thoughts down for another person. They're saying to the recipient "you're worth my time and energy and I want you to know it". They're taking the time to write it, fold it, put a stamp on it, and put it in the mail. So, if you read this and even partially agree with me, take some time out and write a letter to someone you know. Even just a quick note will let them know you have a little more time for them than the 60 seconds it would take to send them an email.

Thanks for listening to my rants!!! Sorry to be so random!

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  1. I LOVE the sound a hardback book from the library sounds when you open it, so NO you're not the only nerd out there...there are at least two of us :)